Friday, June 4, 2010

Smoked beans - No more

Finally I got my delivery from Sweet Maria's. I was a bit worried now that my bag of special smoke roasted beans were getting slimmer and slimmer. Picturing myself in the local grocery store buying pre-roasted beans... I am happy the awkward situation were avoided.

I try to buy beans from most places of the word. Also supporting some poor countries often give a pleasant cup and new experiences. (I guess most coffee countries are poor which justifies buying even more coffee). This time I bought following beans:

  • Costa Rica Cafetalera Herbazu
  • Costa Rica Finca La Ponderosa 100% Bourbon
  • Nicaragua Finca San Jose Java Longberry
  • Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza
  • Tanzania Nyamtimbo Peaberry 
  • Timor FTO Maubesse 

The first beans for the roaster's heat were the ones from Timor.

The Timor beans got a Full City roast, taken just on the start of second crack. Here you see the beans cooling down after the roasting process. To have a good cooling system is important as it stops the roasting process sharply. Letting the beans cool in a pot allow them so prolong their internal roast process which is not always good for the end result.

I usually prefer to test my coffee with a simple french press. It allows you to enjoy the coffee for some time and also let you test the coffee at a wider spectrum of temperature. Some times the coffee shows different characteristics as it cools down a bit.

Tomorrow I will offer some of my friends at work a taste. I hope they will enjoy.

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Lars Petter Bjørdal said...

This was interesting. Hope to get a taste very soon :)