Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Waiting for a coffee tree

Its been a while since i planted my coffee berries now. The progress has indeed been tedious, with several ups and downs. One week i thought I had a tree coming up, though with when nothing happened into week two I investigated the "tree" further and found it to be a small green stone. The unborne tree has also done some other jests with me, like sending up grass or weed or other things to fool a idealist with no knowledge of gardening.

This weekend I said enough is enough and I decided to look into the progress thoroughly. I took the black and green box and started digging up the berries.

As you see the berries in the black box are completely rotten. These were the overdue berries. Project black box was quickly terminated and the whole box ended up in the garbage!

I had no high hopes for the green box with the ripe berries at this moment. I would suspect the overdue berries(that would naturally fall to the ground) to have the highest chance of success. Though I got surprised when I started digging around in the soil!

 This looks very much like a pair of roots to me! This is also the first time ever that I see the premature development of a coffee tree, which is interesting enough.

The green box was again covered with soil and placed in the sunshine with renewed enthusiasm.

 Hopefully, within a few weeks a new coffee tree is borne! (Though I suspect it will be a while yet until I am self sustained on coffee produced in Norway..)


Kjersti said...

I think you have an exciting project here, but I am waiting for your information on different burning methods that you have been testing.

Eirik Sundgot said...

Ja no venta vi spent på oppdatering fra plantasjen...